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The American Spectator : A Frivolously Destructive Presidency

Obama’s presidency lurches from fad to fad — from gays in the military to “green jobs” to the “Buffett rule.” Hyped as a profound presidency, it has turned out to be an embarrassingly frivolous one. Sober historians of the future, not cowed by political correctness, will no doubt look back and say that Obama fiddled while America burned, indulging his sophomoric socialism, environmentalism, and social engineering at a time of terrorism and economic crisis.

The weighty and thoughtful orator of Democratic mythology looks more like a glib used car salesman, and in his case most of the used cars are electric. It is fitting that his hawking of cheap environmentalist propaganda would lead him into the first major scandal of his presidency. The Solyndra debacle is exactly what one would expect from an administration determined to push the politics of environmentalist conjecture at the expense of the American taxpayer and economy.

Out of Obama’s implausible ideological insistence that “green jobs” would bolster the economy, and the political need to prove that claim, came a hasty loan to a dubious solar panel maker that promised to create them. Obama leaves the American taxpayer with a bill of over half a billion dollars for this environmental lark, and it is only the most recent bill. His “green jobs” loan guarantee program has been a bust, costing taxpayers tens of billions for the creation of a pitifully small number of jobs.

The Solyndra scandal stands as a symbol of the administration’s reckless and unserious approach to the economy, undermining job creators while propping up job destroyers. Needing to divert people’s attention from the greed and irresponsibility on display in the scandal, Obama now turns back to raw class warfare, hoping to egg the poor and middle class into an idle hatred of the rich. The great unifier seeks to set secretary against boss.

via The American Spectator : A Frivolously Destructive Presidency.